Plants and Trees
Their planetary Rulers
THE SUN  Marigolds, thyme, heliotrope, sunflower, cinnamon, and any orange or gold colored flower or plant with a strong smell.  The ruling sign is LEO.
THE MOON Night-scented stock, convolvulus, moon wort and any white flower; those with cresent~shaped leaves or growing near water.  The ruling sign is CANCER.
MERCURY Ferns, broom, aniseed, parsley, plants with yellow flowers and fine leaves.  The ruling signs are GEMINI and VIRGO.
VENUS Roses, primroses, orchids, violets, lily of the valley and any plants with pink, white or blue flowers or those which are delicately perfumed.  The ruling signs are LIBRA and TAURUS.
MARS Brambles, holly, thistles, sage andany red flower with an acrid odor or pricly foliage.  The ruling signs are ARIES and SCORPIO.
JUPITER Marjoram, borage, pimpernal and any plant with purple leaves and flowers and a potent odor.  Ruling Signs are SAGITTARIUS and PISCES.
SATURN Valerian, hemlock, myrtle and any plant which is grey or brown in color and has a sharp smell.  The ruling signs are CAPRICORN and AQUARIUS.