Heavenly Body Table of Correspondences

The Sun

Type: Planet (in astrological terms)
Basic Energy Pattern: Success
Rules Joy, success, advancement, leadership,natural power, friendship, growth, healing, light, pride
Day Sunday
Element Fire
Color Gold, yellow
Signs Leo
Tone Re, D
Letter B
Number 1, 6 or 21
Metal Gold
Jewel Topaz, yellow diamond, amber, calcite, orange, carnelian, quartz, pipestone, sulfur, sunstone, Tiger's Eye, Zircon
Cabalistic Sphere 6 Tiphereth~Beauty
Angel Raphael
Incense Angelica, cloves, cinnamon, frankincense, laurel, olibanum, rosemary, sandalwood, wood aloes
Oils Cinnamon
Plants Acacia, angelica, bay, bay laurel, carnation, celandine, chamomile, chicory, chrysanthemum, cinnamon, citrus fruits, cloth of gold, eyebright, ginseng, goldenseal, gum arabic, heliotrope, honey, juniper, lovage, marigold, mistletoe, peony, rosemary, rowan, rue, saffon, St. John's Wort, sesame, sunflower, vine, witch hazel.
Tree Acacia, bay laurel, ash, birch, broom
Animal Child, eagle, lion, phoenix, sparrowhawk
Goddesses Amaterasu, Brigit, Bast, Ilat, Sekhmet, Theia
Gods Apollo, Helios, Hyperion, Lugh, Ra, Semesh, Vishnu~Krishna~Rama
Incenses Mix equal parts of: Cinnamon, Angelica, rosemary, sandalwood, and frankincense
Oil: Cinnamon oil
Planetary Hours (Sunrise)
Hour(s) Day
1 and 8 Sunday
5 and 12 Monday
2 and 9 Tuesday
6 Wednesday
3 and 10 Thursday
7 Friday
4 and 11 Saturday
Planetary Hours Sunset:
Hour(s) Day
3 and 10 Sunday
7 Monday
4 and 11 Tuesday
1 and 8 Wednesday
5 and 12 Thursday
2 and 9 Friday
6 Saturday
Planetary Hour Operations: disolve painful or hostile emotions or reactions, divination, find love, find the favor of the rich or powerful (or when you consider to hold power in a specific situation), focus your will, gain, make friends, make your presence psychologically invisible, prosperity, reveal kindness and compassion, wealth, will.
Conjuct the Moon: Focus on personal life, domestic harmony, making positive changes in lifestyle. Work to bring secrets out in the open. Work on beginnings in spiritual matters, introspection and harmony. Add candle magick to your sun/moon workings.
  • The Moon will conjunct the sun once a month on the new moon.
  • Sextile the Moon: Fine-tuning aspects of your own personality. Work on the positive outcome of routine meetings and negotiations, harmony between people, bringing peace in the home, and drawing opportunities to yourself. A good time to ask for favors, especially from bosses and authority figures. Work on future goals.
  • The moon will sextile the sun twice a month.
  • Square the Moon: Brings tensions to the surface. Exercise, release stress and pressure through meditation and relaxation techniques. Use your skills to rise to the challenge. Think first, then act. Channel aggressive energy into charging candles, and other items for protection.
  • The moon will square the sun twice a month.
  • Trine the Moon: Tailor workings to inner peace and balance. Correct any misunderstandings between yourself and others. Take advantage of and work for opportunities. Great time for working for anything you desire, as the sun connects to your will. To receive you must give—kindness, a helping hand, and presents are well received.
  • The moon will trine the sun twice a month.
  • Opposite the Moon: Work on coping with your problems through meditation and exercise. Do magick for personal balance between your will and emotions. Work on common lawsuits but not those that involve an opponent richer than you. Do magick for rewards through your skills.
  • The moon will be in opposition of the sun once a month.
  • Rulership: Leo ♌
    Detriment: Aquarius ♒
    Exaltation: Aries ♈
    Fall: Libra ♎
    Time it takes to circle a chart: 365 Earth days and spends approximately 30 days in each sign
    Retrograde Periods: None
    Number of Satellites (Moons and Asteriods):
    Degrees this planet moves on average per day: Approximately 1°
    Consistency: Star ball of incandescent gas of average size and brightness compared to other stars