Heavenly Body Table of Correspondences


Rules Strength, struggle, war, anger, conflict, aggression
Day Tuesday
Magickal Purposes: Courage, enemies, exorcism, lust, matrimony, protection, sexual potency, war, wealth.
Element Fire
Color Red, scarlet
Signs of the Zodiac Aries, sometimes Scorpio
Tone Do, C
Letter T
Number 2, 3 or 16, possibly 5
Metal Iron, steel
Jewel Bloodstone, garnet, ruby, asbestos, flint, jasper (red), lava, onyx, pipestone, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, sard, sardonyx, tourmaline (red, watermelon)
Cabalistic Sphere 5 Gevurah~Strength, severity
Angel Kamael
Incense Cypress, pine, sulfur, tobacco
Plants Absinthe, all~Heal, allspice, aloes, anemone, asofoetida, basil, betony, bloodroot, briony, broom, cactus, capers, carrot, chiles, corriander, cumin, damiana, deer tongue, devil's shoestring, dragon's blood, garlic, gentian, ginger, gorse, hawthorn, High John the Conqueror, holly, hops, horseradish, hound's tongue, leek, mustard, nettle, onion, pennyroyal, pepper, pine, poke root, prickly ash, radish, ragweed, rue, sarsaparilla, shallot, sloe, snakeroot, snap dragon, tarragon, thistle, tobacco, turmeric, Venus flytrap, woodruff, wormwood.
Tree Holly, Kerm~Oak
Animal Basilisk
Goddesses Anath, Brigit, Dione, Morrigan
Gods Ares, Crius, Heracles, Mars, Nergal