This is very old coral that has turned to agate. Good for protection, healing, peace, wisdom, and gardening. An excellent representation for the God/Goddess or "spirit" element - in a addition to any water/sea element. Placed on graves for protection.

Coral is found in oceans all over the world. Almost all cultures use coral for reasons pertaining to magick, religion, and health. The ancients beleived that those who carried red or white coral could control the weather. Coral was thought to stop hemorrhaging and endow the wearer with wisdom.

The Pueblo Indian people of the Southwestern United States make beautiful animal fetishes of red coral. Hindu healers use red coral as a blood purifier, claiming it can calm anger, jealousy, and hatred when worn on the ring or index finger of the right hand. Black coral is popular in the Caribbean for talismans and amulets to absorb negativity and protect the wearer from harm. Pink coral is soothing, healing, and pleasure-giving, while white coral may be used to synchronize and stabalize the rhythms of the body-earth.

These lighter shades of coral may grow pale when worn against the skin, warning the wearer of illness, weakened vitality, or toxicity.

Generally, coral is good for the bones and central nervous system, especially the brain stem. Because it quiets the emotions, it may be beneficial in the treatment of certain mental/emotional illnesses.

When mixed with diamond, ruby, emerald, and pearl, and suspended at the entrance of the house, coral makes a powerful amulet that will protect from harm all who dwell inside.

Peri-menopausal women may wear red coral to time ovulation and other cycles associated with the menses, and to help regulate the hormones. The coral fades when there is hormonal imbalance and brightens again when hormones return to normal.

Coral should always be used in its whole and natural state for magickal purposes.

Water, Akasha
Isis, the Great Mother, Venus
Associated Metals:
Silver, copper
Regulating menstruation, agriculture, protection, healing, wisdom, peace
Magical Uses:
  • Worn near the groin to regulate menstruation.
  • Used as a ward to protect against the evil-eye, demons, furies, succubi, incubi, and ghosts.
  • Guards against accidents, acts of violence, poison, theft, sterility, and possession.
  • Dispels foolishness, nervousness, depression, fear, thoughts of murder, nightmares and panic.
  • Promotes courage, reason, prudence, and wisdom.
  • Ensures the future health of a child.
  • Eases the pain of cutting teeth in infants.
  • Protects children from harm.
  • Protects crops from inclement weather, blight and pestilence.
  • Used to cure indigestion, digestive tract ailments, eye complaints, and stauches blood.
  • Alerts it's wearer by paling in color of ill health.
  • Attracts luck.
  • Used in attraction or love spells.
  • Protects travelers over water against weather as well as shark attack.