Glossary of Divinations

Abacomancy: Foretelling the future by observing patterns of dust. The way the dust is blown, distributed or disturbed is read very much like tea leaves. Cremated ashes of recently deceased are often sprinkled on a silver tray in this form of divination.

Acultomancy: Divination using needles. Placing 21 needles in a saucer or shallow dish and pouring water over them and read what what forces or how many are in operation for you are read by determining the amount that cross each other. Needles can also be used in Pendular Scrying.

Aeromancy:Divination interpreting atmospheric conditions. Other forms are: *Austromancy (wind), *Ceraunoscopy (Thunder & Lightening), *Chaomancy ( Aerial visions), *Meteormancy (meteors, shooting stars.)

Ailuromancy: Divination through interpreting the appearance and behavior through cats.

Alectormancy (Alectromancy, Alectryomancy): Divination through interpreting the appearance and actions of sacred chickens. Current versions include watching the way fowl eat grain, cocks crow.

Aleuromancy: Divination through sortiledge of fortunes written on slips of paper. The papers are inside balls of dough which are baked, mixed and handed out randomly. What is now done for Ash Wednesday in pancakes and also Fortune Cookies.

Alomancy:Divination by interpreting salt.

Alphitomancy:A divination practice to indentify guilty persons by feeding of a loaf of barley. Innocents would feel no effects, guilty ones would experience indigestion. (Also known as Cursed Bread.)

Alveromancy:Divination interpreting the intensity of sound.

Ambulomancy:Divination interpreting the observation of the way a person walks.

Amniomancy:Divination by inspecting and interpreting the caul of a baby at birth.

Anthomancy:Divination using flowers in relationship to the observer.

Anthracomancy:Divination by inspection of burning coals, and gazing into the fires produced by the coal and interpreting the visualizations of the smoke and flames.

Anthropomancy (antinopomancy):
Divination interpreting the entrails of human sacrifice. NOT used by pagans today. Also known as splanchomancy.

Apantomancy:Divination through interpreting any objects (or beings) that happen to present themselves, upon chance meetings.

Arachnomancy:Divination by interpreting the appearance and actions of spiders.

Ariolater:Someone who practices divination. (Aruspex, clairvoyant, diviner, haruspex, seer, soothsayer).

Ariolatio: Divining by interpreting altars.

Arithmancy (arithomancy, arithmomancy):Divination by interpreting numbers. (Numerology.)

Arithmosophy:Divination by Bertiaux's method of converting words into numbers.

Armomancy: Divining by interpreting the shoulders of a person.

Aruspicy:Divination by interpreting animal entrails.

Aspidomancy: Divining by entering casting a circle and summoning an entity.

Astragalomancy (astragyromancy): Divination through the sortilege of sheep bones. (Commonly done with dice with numbers and letters).

Astrology (Astrosophy): Divination by interpreting the movements of heavenly bodies, major planets in particular.

Augury: Often used with divination to mean the interpretation of signs and omens. In particular the appearance and behavior of animals.

Aurispicy:Another form of Astragalomancy using particularly the knuckle bones and ankle bone from sheep and goats.

Austromancy:Divination interpreting the directions of the winds or the movement of the wind.

Autography (Automatic Writing, Automatic Speaking):
Spirit communication done unconsciously by an individual often in trance, obession or possesion states, or meditative states.

Automanzia:An obscure method of divination using ten straight pins and three bent pins place in water, to indicate the future or potential hazards.

Axinomancy (Axiomancy): Divination using an axe or hatchet. Both the handle and blade are used in various forms.