Glossary of Divinations

Lampadomancy: Divination by interpreting a candle or lamp, usually the flames.

Lecanomancy: Divination by interpreting the sound or image of an object or substance falling into a body of water.

Lesser Arcana: The 56 suit of cards in a Tarot deck that assist in fleshing out the situations indicated by the Trump cards (major arcana), or indicate smaller occurrences in our lives. Also known as the Minor Arcana.

Libranomancy: Divination by interpreting smoke from incense. A form of capnomancy.

Lithomancy: Divination using precious and semiprecious stones either by interpreting light reflected from stones, or casting them and interpreting the way they fall.

Livanomancy: see libranomancy.

Logarithmancy: Divination by interpreting logarithms.

Lunomancy: Divination by interpreting moonlight on a person's face dusted with silver.

Lychnomancy: Divination by interpreting the flames of three candles.

Macharomancy: Divination by interpreting knives or swords.

Major Arcana: The 22 trump cards depicting dominant occurrences in a Tarot deck.

Margaritomancy: Divination using pearls and interpreting the light reflected or the way they fall.

Metagnomy: Divination by interpreting visions received in a trance state.

Meteoromancy: Divination by interpreting falling stars.

Metoposcopy: Divination and character analysis through interpreting facial lines and wrinkles, especially of the forehead.

Minor Arcana: see lesser arcana.

Moleoscopy (moleosphy): Divination and character analysis by interpreting moles on the body.

Molybdomancy: Divination by interpreting molten tin or lead.

Myomancy: Divination by interpreting the appearance and behavior of mice.

Myrmomancy: Divination by interpreting the appearance and behavior of ants.

Necromancy: Divination through communication with ghosts or corpses. Not practiced in witchcraft or wicca. Specifically geared to summoning those spirits that are not existing in a "natural" state, and therefore they are assumed to be unhappy and/or malicious.

Nephelomancy: Divination by watching clouds shapes and movements.

Notarikon: Ta form of gematria in which the first and last letters of a word or phrase are put together to form a new word, or to turn a word into a phrase. A system of discovering truths and hidden meanings behind words.

Numerology (numeromancy): The system of magick and divination developed by Pythagoras. Used to analyze a person's character, assess weaknesses, strengths and natural gifts, predict ones future and fate.

Oomantia: Divination by interpreting the shape, color, and patterns (when dyed) of an egg.

Ooscopy: Diviantion by nurturing and egg and observing the hatching of a chick. Often used to determine the sex of an expected child.

Ophiomancy: Divination by observing the appearance and behavior of serpents.

Oracle:A person who speaks directly to a Diety to divine or prohesize. Also known as a prophet, theomancer.

Orniscopy (orinithomancy): Divination by interpreting the appearance and behavior of birds, especially their flight and song.

Ouija, Ouija Board: A divination tool with the alphabet and numbers laid out on a board. (spirit board).

Ovomancy: Divination by interpreting the yolk of an egg.

Oculomancy: Divination by interpreting the eye.

Oenomancy (Oinomancy): Divination by interpreting wine.

Omen: A sign, preferably found in nature, that foretells either good or bad events.

Omphalomancy (omphilomancy): Divination by interpreting the navel.

Oneiromancy (oniromancy): Divination by interpreting dreams.

Onomancy (onomomancy, ononmatomancy): Divination by interpreting names.

Onychomancy: Divination by interpreting fingernails.