Glossary of Divinations

Tarot: Divination by interpreting a set of 78 cards which carry pictures and symbols use to connec the diviner with the collective unconscious.

Tarologist: A person who divines using Tarot cards.

Tasseography (tasseomancy): Divination by interpreting tea leaves and coffee grounds.

Temurah: see Numerology.

Tephramancy (tephromancy): see spodanomancy.

Theomancy: Divination through direct contact with a Diety.

Theomancer: see oracle.

Theriomancy: Divination by interpreting the movement of groups of animals (birds, cattle, deer).

Tiromancy: Diviantion by interpreting the coagulation, especially holes, in cheese.

Tuphramancy: see spodanomancy.

Typomancy (tyromancy): see tiromancy.

Urimancy (uromancy): Divination by interpreting urine.

Urim V'Tumim: Divination by interpreting the sacred stones attatched to the breast plate of a High Priest.

Xenomancy: Divination by interpreting meetings with strangers.

Xylomancy: Divination by interpreting kindling or other wood pieces that can be found ready for burning. Including where they are found, their shape and type or how they burn.

Ydromancy: see hydromancy.

Zoomancy: Divination by interpreting the appearance and behavior of animals.

Zygomancy: Divination by using weights, the original form of bibliomancy, in a form of zygomancy.