Glossary of Divinations

Batrachomnacy (Batraquomancy): Divination by frogs, newts, and toads. Often by interepreting the croaks or the color of the skin.

Belomancy: Divination through interpreting arrows. Forbidden in the Koran.

Bibliomancy: Originally used to assess the guilt or innocence of a person accused of sorcery. Person weighed against the great Bible in the Church. Today- divination interpreting randomly chosen passages in books.

Biorhythms: The interpretaion of the emmisions of energy and charting moods in determining critical periods of activity, using a 28 day cycle from the time of ones birth to the day the charting is done. This mathematically determines high and low periods of ones life cyle and best and worse times to react to it.

Bletonism: A faculty of percieving and indicating subterraneous springs and currents by sensation. It's very similar to dowsing and or rhabdomancy.

Book of Changes: The ancient Chinese system of oracular divination that reveals patters of subtle forces. Questioner is required to interpret information through deep introspection and intuitive thought.

Book of Thoth: Tarot Cards

Botanomancy (Botomancy): Interpreting burned or burning tree branches and leaves. Today by interpretation of plants.

Brontomancy: Divination by thunder.

Bumpology: Divination through interpreting bumps on the head. This is the modern term for phrenology.

Capnomancy (Captromancy): Divination by interpreting smoke rising from a fire, especially sacred fires.

Carromancy ( ceromancy, ceroscopy): Divination by interpreting melting wax (usually poured into cold water.)

Cartomancy: Divination using modern playing cards. Tarot and other divinatory cards are in this category.

Catoptromancy (catoxtromancy, cattobomancy, crystallomancy, crystalaomancy, dubjed, enoptromancy, scrying): Divination by interpreting images in a relfective or transparent object such as a mirror, cyrstal globe, or pool of water.

Causimomancy (Causimnacy): Divination from observing the behavior or reaction of objects placed in a fire. Good sign if combusatble materials don't catch fire.

Ceneromancy: Divination using ashes.

Cephalomancy (kephalonomancy, cephalonomancy): Divination interpreting the skull or head of a donkey or goat.

Ceraunomancy (Ceraunoscopy): Divination by interpreting thunder and lightening.

Ceromancy (Ceroscopy): Divination from the figures produced by dropping melted wax into water..

Channeling: Recieving messages via the astral plain by allowing astral bodies to enter oneself.

Divination by interpreting ariel visions.

Chartomancy: Divination using writing paper.

Chien Tung: Shaking of bamboo sticks in a container until one falls out. Each of these sticks is numbered and interpreted.

Cheiromancy (chirognonmy, chirology, chiromancy, palmistry): Divination through analaysis of hand shape, fingers, fingernails, and the palms.

Chronomancy: Divination utilizing the passage of time.

Clairaudience:Divination through hearing the future.

Clairgustance: Divination through smelling of scents coming from other dimensions.

Clairsentience: A form of clairvoyancy where the seer senses but doesn't actually see the object.

Clairvoyance: Divination through seeing the future. Clairvoyance refers especially to the visual image of future events. Other forms of "seeing" the future are also called Clairvoyance. *Clairaudience (hearing), * Metagnomy (induced through hypnotic trance), *Precognition (inner knowing), * Psychometry (induced through contact with physical object).

Clamancy: Divination through interpreting the unexpected cries people make under various circumstances.

Cledonismancy (Cledonomancy): Divination by interpreting random events or statements.

Cleidomancy (clidomancy): A form of radiesthesia (pendulum) using a suspended key.

Cleromancy: Divination by sortiation of dice.

Coffee Grounds: Using coffee grounds in a fashion similar to tea leaves for divinatory purposes.

Coins: The art of tossing 5 coins then interpreting them numerologically from head and tails combinations in order to divine the future.

Colorology: Divination using colors.

Conchomancy: The Santerian method of divination using seashells.

Coscinomancy (coskiomancy, Cosquinomancy): A from of radiesthesia (pendulum) using a sieve which is suspended by tongs or shears.

Cranioscopy (phrenology):Divination and character analysis by studing the shape and structure of the human skull.

Crithomancy (critomancy): Divination by interpreting food, usually cakes and breads, that are offered in sacrifice.

Cromniomancy (cromnyomancy): Divination by interpreting onions or onion sprouts.

Crystal Ball: A crystal sphere used for divination, especially scrying. Also called a showstone.

Crystallomancy (Crystalomancy): see catoptromancy. Scrying.

Cubomancy:Divinations using dice and Dominoes.

Cursed Bread: see aliphitomancy.

Cyclomancy: Divination by interpreting revolving wheels.

Cylicomancy:Divining using cups of water for scrying in.