Chalcedony is a translucent quartz, usually a milky white, grey, black, blue, or brown. It is said to relieve problems of the eyes, the gall bladder, bones, spleen, and the blood and circulatory system. It assists in healing open sores and aids lactation. There are many popular chalcedonies, usually referred to as Agates. The Luna Agate assists in linking your mind to your feelings, and the Montana Agate can help you be more content with yourself.

Gnostic sects carved these stones with the symbol of the moon for its moon-like luster. Romans wore it as a protection against the Evil Eye. Thirty minutes of exposure to UV light or the color indigo increases the strength of this stone.

Chalcedony combats negative magic of all kinds. It has the power to inspire confidence, soothing depression and a troubled mind, and ease bad dreams. As a symbol of the moon, it has strong connections to water, and can be used as a protection against drowning. Travelers will also benefit from the stone, especially if they travel over water. It has a good influence over legal matters as well.

Chalcedony, which is a microcrystalline form of quarz, is a tectosilicate mineral that has many distinct varieties. These are generally named after their color and include, carnelian, sard, sardonyx, jasper, chrysoprase, and bloodstone. The most common varieties, such as flint, are usually a pale gray or grayish blue. The name Chalcedony derives from the ancient Greek town Chalkedon, in what is now Turkey. It occurs in a number of different forms, particularly as encrustations which line the inside of vugs (voids in rocks) and geodes, and has been used since the earliest times for ornamental carvings. Chalcedony has a vitreous or waxy luster and a white streak.

Chemical Composition:
Silicon Dioxide
Crystal Structure:
Transparent to opaque; Hexagonal
White to gray, brown, blue, black; clear red to brownish red (Carnelian); bright green with red spots (Bloodstone / Heliotrope); variegated and banded (Agate); with moss or treelike inclusions (Moss Agate); apple-green (Chrysoprase); variegated and mottled red, yellow, brown (Jasper); whitish, dull gray, smoky brown to black (Flint)
6.5 - 7
Specific Gravity:
Vitreous or waxy
Abundant worldwide
Moon; Mercury/Virgo;  Jupiter/Sagittarius
Water, Air and Fire
Peace, travel, protection, anti-nightmare, lactation, luck
Occult Nature:
Worn as an amulet, it will shield against energy directed against the wearer.
Magical Uses:
  • Banishes fear, hysteria, depression, mental illness, and sadness.
  • Promotes calm and peaceful feelings.
  • Hung around neck to dissolve illusions and fantasies
  • Drives away nightmares, night visions, and fear of dark.
  • Worn as a talisman for success in lawsuits, and health and safety.
  • Used to ward off psychic attack, negative magick, and to prevent accidents.
  • Used for beauty, strength, energy, and success in undertakings.
  • Worn by mothers to increase lactation.
  • Worn or carried for luck.
Stone Lore:
Chalcedony is found in Russia, India, Mexico, Brazil, and the United States.
Chalcedony is a form of quartz crystal. During the 1700's, it was believed that chalcedony embodied the power to banish evil spirits and nightmares. Like beryl, chalcedony was once carried by sailors to protect against drowning.
Astrologers of the Middle Ages wore engraved signet rings of chalcedony as amulets. The alchemist Paracelsus thought that chalcedony was a stone of the metal silver.
Magic Stone fetishes made of chalcedony were fed sacrificial blood by some Burmese tribes, to guard the house and to keep the stones from eating the people.
Medicine Uses:
Generally, chalcedony gives success in lawsuits, good health, safe travels, and protects against harmful spirits. However there are many varieties of chalcedony , each having it's own particular properties and uses.
Rose Chalcedony
Magical Property:
boost and build your self image. Because of its self-enhancement quality, this stone can be especially good if you have a weight problem, for it will greatly foster your personal self-acceptance
Grey Chalcedony
Magical Property:
Enhances telepathic ability. Aids in communication
Black Chalcedony
Magical Property:
This solid - feeling stone is excellent for grounding negativity and letting go of soothing and helps in focus, to banish grief and old habits, protecting the bearer and encouraging happiness and good fortune.
Blue Chalcedony
Magical Property:
energy is flowing, airy and graceful. Creating a feeling of relaxation and peacefulness, it helps to release stress. It can be used to inspire ourselves and others and assists in communicating from the Spirit.
Brown Chalcedony
Magical Property:
Used to attract money - brown chalcedony will bring you a job where you use your hands. Also try using this stone for plant magick.
Dendritic Chalcedony
Magickal Properties:
This form of chalcedony promotes clear and precise thought. This stone is useful when you are under pressure or attack as it facilitates calm communication while remaining relaxed. It encourages living in the present moment and helps you to face up to unpleasant matters. It helps in processing memories and brings joy to life. This stone supports and easy, friendly approach to other people. It promotes tolerant interaction without judgement.
This is a useful stone for chronic illness, for which it should be worn for long periods, and problems associated with smoking, strengthening the immune system. It enhances the assimilation of copper into the body, detoxifies the liver, removes inflammations of the female sexual organs, and treats thrush.
Red Chalcedony
Magickal Properties:
This form of chalcedony bestows strength and persistence in reaching goals. It advises when to fight and when to give in gracefully. A confident stone, it helps to manifest dreams, devising strategies to bring these into being in the most positive way. As a healing stone, it stimulates the circulation without raising blood pressure and encourages clotting of the blood. It reduces hunger pangs but should not be used for long periods, as it inhibits the absorption of nutrients and may cause temporary nausea.
Pink Chalcedony
Magickal Properties:
This form of chalcedony encourages kindness and all good qualities. It brings out a sense of childlike wonder and willingness to learn new things. It encourages storytelling as a form of creativity. This is a spiritual stone that encourages empathy and inner peace. It creates a deep sense of trust
This stone is particularly useful for treating psychosomatic dis-eases. It fortifies the heart and supports the immune system. It eases breastfeeding problems and the flow of lymphatic fluids.