The Dictionary of Wiccan Terms


I Ching: A Chinese system of divination involving sixty four 'hexagrams' or six line combinations of unbroken (yang) and broken (yin) lines. It is one of the few categories of Eastern esoteric learning which transfer wholly satisfactorily to the West, without risk of cross-cultural confusion, and it is widely used here. ˛A Chinese system of divination in which yarrow stalks or coins are cast to create hexagrams, which are then interpreted from a standard I Ching book.. The I Ching is used by many Witches.

Icon: Object of uncritical devotion, sacred painting, mosaic or statue.

Imbolc, Imbolg, Oilmec: A Wiccan festival celebrated on February 2nd, also known as Candlemas, Lupercalia, Feast of Pan, Feast of Torches, Feast of the Waxing Light, Oilmec, Brigit's Day, and many other names. Imbolc celebrates the first stirring of spring and the recovery of the Goddess from giving birth to the Sun (the God) at Yule. 2A Wiccan religious festival celebrated on February 1st or 2nd that marks the first stirring of Spring. 3The early Spring Great Sabbat celebrated on 2 February. It is often known by its Christian equivalent Candlemas. The name in Gaelic means 'in the belly' - the first stirrings in the womb of Mother Earth. 4Ancient Irish fire festival honoring the goddess Brighid. One of the eight sabbats of the Wiccan year, celebrated on February 1.

Immanence: The belief that Deity exists within all things, including people, and cannot be separated from them.

Incantation: Any set of words (often rhythmic, rhyming, and/or repetitive) that expresses a magickal desire or is meant to evoke magickal energy through its recital. Words have power, and the incantation uses that power to focus the magick being created. Note, however, that if you cannot recite an incantation out loud, you can think it. Thoughts equate to energy patterns: they are words uttered inwardly and as such can work just as effectively.

Incarnation: The manifestations of a living entity into physical form; specifically, any one of the earthly lives of an immortal human Individuality (q.v.) In the continuing Reincarnation (q.v) process.

Incense: These are often burned in ritual magick, for purification and as a symbol of Fire and Air. They may be in the form of sticks, cones, resins, or dried herbs. The incense chosen will depend on the nature of the magick being performed.

Incubus: A male demon or spirit that was believed to sexually tempt and abuse women. Compare with Succubus.

Individuality: The immortal, reincarnating part of a human being, consisting of the Upper Spiritual, Lower Spiritual and Upper Mental levels; contrasted with the Personality, which consists of the Lower Mental, Upper Astral, Lower Astral, Etheric and Physical levels, and which only persist for one Incarnation. (q.v), a new Personality being built up around the immortal Individuality for each Incarnation (see also Reincarnation).

Infusion: A liquid produced by soaking herbs in very hot (but not boiling) water. A brew or potion.

Initiation: A ritual that represents a final test of a person's intent to become a Wiccan priest or priestess, or to be elevated to a particular rank within a Wiccan circle, and that acknowledges such a passage by the initiators, and before the Goddess and the God. Similar in some ways to a baptism into a Church, initiation marks the acknowledgment of a magickal path and acceptance of certain tenets of that path. In certain traditions, there are levels of initiation which designate degrees of knowledge and adeptness.˛ A process whereby an individual is introduced or admitted into a group, interest, skill or religion. Initiations may be ritual occasions but can also occur spontaneously. łA profound spiritual experience in which one's unity with Deity is realized. Also, the ritual by which such an experience is celebrated, and/or one is welcomed as a full member of a particular religious tradition or group.

Inner Child: The part of the personality the remains childlike and innocent, or that can be the repository of abuse and trauma and may therefore need healing.

Inner Levels: The levels of being that encompass intuition, psychic awareness, emotions, feelings, and subtle energies.

Inner Planes: Other levels of being and consciousness than the physical or the 'normal' Ego-consciousness.

Intent: A clearly focused statement of will and purpose. ˛ In Magick, the goal of the working.

Invoke:To petition for help or support, as to invoke Goddess or God. Also to draw inside you the energy of a particular force. ˛To call upon, appeal, or summon. Invocations in magic are usually done at the opening of a circle to bring protective powers and assist overall, positive functioning of the sacred space being created for ritual.

Invocation: A appeal or petition to a higher power (or powers), such as Goddess and God. A prayer. Invocation is actually a method of establishing conscious ties with those aspects of the Goddess and God that dwell within us. In essence, then, we seemingly cause them to appear or make themselves known by becoming aware of them. ˛ The summoning (or more properly, invitation) of a non-material entity of a higher order of being than oneself (Cf. Evocation).(3) An invitation to a specific power, such as the god/dess or the elemental beings, to join you in your magickal effort. Think of it as a prayer with a distinct purpose.

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