The Dictionary of Wiccan Terms


Vampire: A being which preys upon the life-forces of others; most often used to mean - The true vampire, the gross astral or "etheric" body of a deceased person (not, as is popularly supposed the reanimated corpse), which having escaped disintegration, proceeds forth from the grave to draw its equally non-material but vital sustenance from its victims, usually while they sleep. The psychic vampire, a living person who, knowingly or not, draws energy from other people to make up for his/her own (usually physical) depletion. The astral vampire, a discarnate being; rarely a whole "earthbound" psyche, sometimes detached "splinter personality" and sometimes a debased elemental, preying on human victims.

Vampirism: The draining of psychic energy from one individual by another.

Via Solis: The apparent path of the sun as viewed from the earth.

Vibration: In magick and many metaphysical traditions, each living thing (and sometimes even non-living items) carry with them a specific energy which acts like a signature or fingerprint. This signature is called a vibration which may be interpreted in sound, light, heat, or other forms by a psychic.

Vision Quest: A Native American shamanic practice, involving isolation in a wild, natural environment, in order to commune with nature and confront fears. It should not be undertaken without proper guidance.

Visionary: One who has the gift for not only seeing the future, (in their mind's eye) but also seeing things being described to them, without foreknowledge of those things. Visionaries can be rather uncanny in their observations, sometimes making people uncomfortable with their ability to read beyond the surface of almost any situation.

Visualization: The process of forming mental images. In magick, images are formed of the needed magickal goal and used to direct energy to cause change. Magickal visualization consists of forming images of needed goals during ritual. Visualization is also used to direct bioelectrical energy and the energies contained within natural fragrances during magickal aromatherapy and other forms of magic. It is a function of the conscious mind. The use of creative mental images while meditating to bring about positive change or perspective in a situation.(3) The forming of empowered, creative mental images designed to augment meditation and magickal focus.

Voiding the Coven: The stage where a new coven refrains from working magickally with the coven from which it hived off, until it's own identity is firmly established.

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