The Dictionary of Wiccan Terms


Oak King: See Holly King.

Ob: The passive, negative, and receptive serpent force.

Occult: "Hidden". Term used to describe a system of mystical wisdom kept secret by its practitioners. ²Knowledge which is supposedly hidden from the eyes or understanding of anyone but adepts, usually referring to techniques or principles of magick. In fact, information formerly considered to be 'occult' is freely available to anyone dedicated enough to seek it out from books or teachers.

Occultism: The pursuit or study of that which is "hidden"; of knowledge and powers not evident to the senses or to scientific measurement.

Od The active, positive and initiating serpent force.

Offering: The presentation of gifts to the God/dess in thankfulness, often first fruits of the garden, grain,etc.

Officer: See Fetch.

Oilmec: See Imbolg.

Oils: These can be homemade or purchased and an occult supply store; they are often used on oneself or one's tools for blessing or consecration.

Old Ones, The: A Wiccan term often used to encompass all aspects of the Goddess and God. Some Wiccans view it as an alternative of The Mighty Ones.

Old Ways: The pre-Christian European Mystery Cult teachings based upon the principles and concepts within Nature.

Ordains: See Laws of Witchcraft.

Ostara: Occurring at the spring equinox, around March 21st , Ostara marks the beginning of true astronomical spring, when snow and ice make way for green. As such, it is a fire and fertility festival, celebrating the return of the Sun, the God and the fertility of the Earth (the Goddess). 2Modern name for the celebration of the vernal equinox. One of the eight sabbats of the Wiccan year, celebrated on or around March 20.

Otto: Rose Otto (or attar) of rose is the essential oil which has been steam distilled from rose petals. It is much prized in cosmetic perfumery and in aromatherapy. Rose Otto is purer that rose absolute and is more expensive. It is generally obtained from Rosa damascena, or the Damask Rose.

Outer Levels:The levels of being that are physically and environmentally orientated.

Oversoul: The part of a soul group that resonates at a higher frequency and directs the spiritual progress of the group.

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