The Dictionary of Wiccan Terms


Familiar: Some form of animal which has a strong psychic link with a Witch. This animal is treated as a magickal partner, and believed to lend energy and insight to the magick user. Was at one time believed to be an incarnated portion of the soul of the person who had the creature. ²An animal kept by a witch for the psychic help it can give; cats, dogs and horses in particular react very sensitively to negative influences, supplying early warning or corroborative evidence. Their human 'owners' (or rather, partners) are careful to give them psychic protection in return. Certain kinds of deliberately created and maintained thought-forms may also be called familiars. ³ An animal companion trained to assist in magickal workings. Little is known about the original functions of familiars, though the Inquisitors had their own warped ideas. Nowadays most Witches have animal friends or pets, but few are trained as familiars.(4) A spirit or elemental with whom one has a psychic and/or magickal rapport. Also a power animal form that is of a kindred nature.

Fates: Destiny. In Greece, the three faces of Fate were: the one who governed birth and the thread of life, the one who determined the length of a life (the length of the thread), and the last who cut the thread at death. Likewise in the Craft, the Goddess has three aspects, personified by the Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

Feminine: In magick, everything from plants to planets are divided by their traits, some being considered Yin, or feminine in nature, others being Yang, or masculine. Generally, feminine aspects have to do with intuition, instinct, love, healing, the Moon,and gentle arts. Each polarity is venerated for its qualities, neither male nor female being greater, simply different. The feminine nature is often represented by the moon.

Festival: One of the eight seasonal Sabbats. (q.v.).

Fetch: (1) 'The apparition, double, or wraith of a living person' (oxford English Dictionary). (2) A projected astral body or thought-form deliberately sent out to make its presence known to a particular person. (3) A witch (usually male) sent out by a High Priestess as a confidential messenger or escort; sometimes called the Summoner or the Officer.

Fetish: A meaninful natural or created item that the bearer believes possesses a spirit or power that can be utilized for specific goals. Some fetishes are made for one-time use, during which their "spirit" is released to its task immediately by burning, burying, tossing in water, or carrying them to a designated location. Other fetishes are designed for long-term use, like those one might keep at home for peace and happiness.

Fire: The third element of the alchemical tradition, fire is a purifier, an element of change. It stands in the Southern point of the magick circle, presumably because areas in the South tend to be hotter. Animals aligned with fire include lizards, many desert creatures, and the fabled dragon. Magick employing fire as a symbol is often centered around energy and the will. ²In many Wiccan traditions, the element corresponding to the South, the color red, energy, will, passion, determination, purpose, and ambition.

Five fold Kiss, Five fold Salute:The witches, ritual salute, man to woman or woman to man, with kisses (1) on each foot, (2) on each knee, (3) on the lower belly, (4) on each breast and (5) on the lips - really eight kisses in all. It is only used within the Circle.

Folk Magick: The practice of meshing bioelectrical energy with natural energies from plants, odors,stones, essential oils, and other earthly products. The combined energies are moved to create a specific change.² The practice of utilizing personal power, in conjunction with natural tools, in a non-religious framework, to cause positive change.

Force Field: The area in which a particular energy or influence operates. Alpha force field, the electrical aura; Beta force field, the psychic aura.

Full Moon: In magick, the nights of the Full Moon are used to bring fruitfulness to any endeavor. It is a time of fertility and creativity. An excellent period to work magicks dealing with drawing favorable energy into yourself, healing, love, etc. ²That phase in the lunar cycle when the moon is at Her brightest and appears perfectly round; a high point of lunar power when Witches traditionally gather to work magick for healing and abundance, and to celebrate the Goddess. In "The Charge of the Goddess", She says, "Once in every month, and better it be when the Moon is full, gather and adore Me . . . ."

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