The Dictionary of Wiccan Terms


Kabbalah: In the Judaic tradition, a symbolic system of theoretical and practical wisdom providing a means to mental and spiritual growth as well as a symbolic representation of creation. See also, Sefiroth, Cabala.(2) An ancient Hebrew system of magickal and mystical philosophy.

Kahuna: A practitioner of the old Hawaiian philosophical, scientific, and magickal system; an expert, a magician, a priest or priestess.

Karma: Linked with the belief in reincarnation, karma is the law of cause and effect; the idea being that whatever you do in your life you are accountable for it, either now or in your next existence. For example, one who murders in this life might find themselves at the mercy or another in their next incarnation as a way of balancing that negative karma.˛ In Buddhism and Hinduism, the moral law of cause and effect in which an individual's actions in one life are rewarded or punished in subsequent incarnations. łThe 'spiritual bank balance' carried by the Individuality (q.v) from one Incarnation (q.v) to the next. The literal meaning of the word is 'action' or 'cause-and-effect'.(4) The total effect of a person's actions during their successive incarnations, which determines their destiny. A Hindu concept that many Witches find congruent with the Law of Return.(5) The idea that whatever we do in life, good or bad, eventually comes back to us in this life or the next.

Karmic: Arising from or appertaining to a past incarnation. Debts, beliefs, and emotions such as guilt can be carried over into the present life.

Karmic Seeds:The residue of past-life trauma, attitude, or illness that lodges in the etheric body and has the potential to develop into dis-ease or illness in the present life.

Karnayna:Alexandrian (q.v) form of the God-name Cernunnos (q.v).

Kathisma: A division in the Byzantine Psalter.

Keridwen: See Ceridwen.

Kernunnos: See Cernunnos.

Kirlian Camera: A Russian invention that takes photographs of the biomagnetic sheath or aura surrounding the body. The method of photography was discovered in 1939 by Semyon Kirlian.

Kitchen Witch: Someone who takes a hearth and home approach to the mystical, and who takes tools from the home and employs them for magickal ends. This is a very simple and personal form of magick meant to reflect a unique vision of the Divine and the individual's place in the greater scheme of things.

Kundalini:An inner spiritual and sexual energy that resides at the base of the spine but can be stimulated to rise to the crown chakra.(2) Magickal power residing at the base of the spine. It is invoked through sexual and sensual energy.

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