The Dictionary of Wiccan Terms


Name: Many (though not all) Witches take a "coven name" or "magickal name" when they first become involved in the Craft or upon initiation. The name may symbolize their strongest qualities, or qualities they hope to enhance in themselves. Names from nature or mythology are most popular.

Natural Objects: Many Wiccan altars hold an assortment of stones, shells, antlers, pinecones, and other objects, either to symbolize the Goddess, God, and Elements, or just because they're pretty or unusual.

Negative Emotional Programming:"Oughts" and "shoulds", along with guilt, that are instilled in childhood or past lives and remain in the subconscious mind to influence present behavior. They sabotage efforts to evolve, unless released or reprogrammed.

Neo-Pagan: Literally, new-Pagan. A member, follower or sympathizer of one of the newly formed Pagan religions now spreading throughout the world. All Wiccans are Pagan, but not all Pagans are Wiccan.

Neophyte, Postulant: A newcomer to the coven, awaiting initiation.

Neoplatonism: A philosophy based upon Platonism with elements of mysticism and Judaic/Christian concepts. It posits a single source from which all existence emanates and through which the soul can be mystically united.

New Age: Considered to be a change in the overall vibration of the Earth, a New Age is marked by the movement of the Earth into a new sphere of the sky in astrology. It is believed that the present age is one which will bring increased awareness of the Earth, of psychic gifts and an increase in harmony among peoples.

Nimbus: A bright "cloud" of luminosity mentioned in classical literature as surrounding the figure of a deity when seen on earth; in medieval art, a brightness surrounding the head of a divine, saintly or royal personage.

Nirvana: In Buddhist philosophy, the ultimate blessed state to which the practitioner aspires, free from the cycle of continual death and rebirth.

Noncombustible Incense: Incense which is compounded without potassium nitrate, and which requires heat to release its scent. Compare with

Nous: Universal Intelligence. An immaterial eternal spiritual entity involved in physical creation.

Numen: The conscious energy within an object or a place. The Numen taps into the accumulation of Mana and is responsible for occult phenomena and for various types of mysterious manifestations.

combustible incense.

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