The Dictionary of Wiccan Terms


Earth: Another of the alchemical elements. Gnomes and goblins are considered Earth creatures. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are governed by this element. Earth is a grounding element. It is used to symbolize growth and stability in Magick, and stands in the Northern point of a Magickal circle.²In many Wiccan traditions, the element corresponding to the North; the colors black, yellow or forest green; and foundations, stability, the human body, all solid material things, and prosperity.

Earth Chakra: The chakra located between and slightly below the feet which holds the soul into incarnation and links the physical body to the earth.

Earth Healing: The attempt to rectify the distortion of the Earth's energies caused by pollution and the destruction of its resources.

Earthing: Sending excess energy into the Earth; done in ritual after power has been raised and sent to its goal.

Earth Power: That energy which exists within stones, herbs, flames, wind, water and other natural objects. It is manifested Divine Power and can be utilized during Magick to create needed change. Compare with Personal Power.

East: The place where most rituals begin for White Witches, East is the point of the morning star and new beginnings, thus a sign of illumination and new life. In the Magickal circle it is represented by the element of Air.

Ecliptic: The path that the sun appears to follow across the celestial sphere during the course of the year; the midline of the zodiac.

Ego: The conscious part of the human psyche.

Egregore(s): Beings whose bodies are composed of Astral Light formed by a Cult of worshippers and animated by emanations from the Divine Plane. Gods and Goddesses as visualized by Humankind and given the breath of life by the Sourse of All Things. In this way human minds can comprehend something of the Divine nature and establish a two-way communication.

Elders: The third-degree and second-degree members of a coven.²One who is recognized as an experienced leader, teacher and counselor within the Craft.

Electrical Aura: The force-field which emanates from the physical body.

Electromagnetic Smog: A subtle but detectable electromagnetic field that can have an adverse effect on sensitive people. The smog is given off by electrical power lines and items such as, computers, cell phones,and televisions.

Electrum: The product of blending various metals, such as gold and silver. Rarely found in nature, electrum has a long magical history.

Elemental: Refers to the spirits of air, fire, water, and earth. 2A primitive nonhuman and nonmaterial entity, of the nature of one of the four Elements (q.v.). The term is also used for a human thought-form which, spontaneously by strong emotion or deliberately by mental effort, is split off from its human originator and acquires temporary quasi-independent existence. 'Created elementals' of the latter kind can be given healing work to do; they are also sometimes used maliciously for psychic persecution. 3A "nature-spirit"; one of the living beings of the Astral World, less individualted than human beings, subrational, but highly sensitive, reactive and mimetic.

Elemental Energies: The energies and symbols generated by the four main elements in nature, namely, earth, air, fire and water.

Elements, The:Earth, air, fire and water. These four essences are the building blocks of the universe, and ancient Magickal sources of energy. Everything that exists (or that has potential to exist) contains one or more of these energies. The elements are also at large in the world and hum within ourselves, and can be utilized through Magick to cause change. They are formed from the primal essence or power, Akasha. See also Akasha. ² In the Middle Ages, the world was divided up by alchemists into four major elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. In the Tarot these are represented respectively by pentagrams, wands, swords, and cups. In the Cabalistic Tradition, the sacred name of God, YHWH likewise carried the elements in order of Fire, Water, Air and Earth. The Hindu faith adds one more element, that of Spirit, or Ether, to represent the other four in perfect balance, the center of the pentagram, and the Void. ³Earth, air, fire and water - plus spirit which includes and integrates them all. These are regarded as realms or categories of Nature - the basic modes of existence and action. They are not to be confused with the physicist's table of elements, which the witch or course accepts in their relevant context. (4) In classical Magick, Earth, Air, Fire, or Water, each representing a class of energies in the universe, and all of which together make up Spirit and the reality we know. See listings for each element.(5) In Western Occultism the Four Elements of Creation: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. They are etheric substances reflected in material counterparts.

Empowering: The act of moving Energy into an object. ² The movement of personal energies into herbs, stones, or other objects. The empowered objects are then used in Magick. In herb Magick, empowering aligns the energies within herbs with Magickal goals.

Energy: A general term for the currently unmeasurable (but real) power that exists within all natural objects and beings - including our own bodies. It is used in Folk Magick. See also Personal Power.

Enfleurage: A French perfumery term describing the process of extracting essential flower oils with purified fat. Also, known as pommade.

Equilibrium: The balancing of forces in their opposing activities. A magickal regulation of forces in motion. A reconciling of opposites.

Equinox: The point in time at which the sun crosses the celestial equator.

Equinoxes: See Sabbats.

Esbat: The regular meeting of a circle/coven in which a ritual of worship is performed, including a Magickal working or healing, and group business/announcements are taken care of. Full Moon, Esbats are most common, although some groups also meet at New Moon. 2A Magickal meeting which celebrates a particular phase of the moon, most often the Full Moon. Considered a good time to concentrate on Magickal teaching, especially as it pertains to intuition and creativity. 3A Wiccan ritual, usually occurring on the Full Moon. 4A Wiccan ritual occurring on any day other than the eight Sabbats. Esbats are often held on full moons, which are dedicated to the Goddess. 5A coven meeting other than one of the eight seasonal festivals or Sabbats (q.v.). 6A gathering of Witches to celebrate a certain phase of the Moon (most commonly the full moon), work magick, and socialize; from the French word meaning "to frolic." 7In ancient Babylonian-Akkadian traditions the monthly lunar celebrations were called eses, This may also be another origin of the term Esbat. 8A coven meeting other than a sabbat, usually on the full moon.

Essential Oil: Essential oils are fragrant, volatile substances produced by certain types of plants. In a sense, they are the "blood" of the plant, the manifestation of the life force which created it. In Magickal aromatherapy, the term usually refers to the liquids themselves, freed from the plants which created them. These natural aromas are the key tools of Aromatherapy. They are also known as volatile oils and ethereals.

Esoteric Thought: Nonscientific, nonmaterial thought based on a belief in the existence of metaphysics rather than any one school of thought.

Ether: An intangible material substance as opposed to a spiritual substance. It often refers to an unseen vaporous substance, as well as to the occult counterpart of an atmosphere.

Etheric: Composed of Ether. An intangible force or substance. Sometimes used to differentiate between Spirit and Matter.

Etheric Blueprint: The subtle program from which a physical body is constructed. It carries imprints of past life dis-ease or injury from which present-life illness or disability can result.

Etheric Body:The subtle biomagnetic sheath surrounding the body, also known as the Aura. ²A subtle body, similar in shape to the physical body, through which life-energy is said to flow. The Etheric body interpenetrates every atom of the physical body and in visible to clairvoyants as a network of energy streams.³ A structure intermediate between the Astral body (q.v.) And the physical body. It is an energy-network which links the physical body to the corresponding astral, mental and spiritual bodies, and thus literally keeps it alive.

Etheric Plane: The energy-level, intermediate between the astral and physical, on which the Etheric Body (q.v.) Functions.

Evil Eye: The supposed glance capable of inflicting great harm to others. Also: Psychic Attack.

Evocation: Calling up spirits or other non-physical entities, either to visible appearance or invisible attendance. Compare with Invocation. ² The summoning of a non-material entity of a lower order of being than oneself. (Cf. Invocation.)

Evoke:To call forth, to summon, as to call an elemental to a Watchtower.

Exorcism: Traditionally, the magickal process of driving out negative entities. In herb magick, a powerful purification. ²The expulsion, by psychic means, of an unwelcome entity from a person or place which it is influencing or possessing.

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