The Dictionary of Wiccan Terms


Yantra: A symbolic geometric diagram used as a basis of meditation in Eastern Mysticism.

Yijing (I Ching): A Chinese system of divination in which the practitioner interprets linear patterns derived by casting yarrow sticks or coins.

Yin/Yang:The twin poles of energy. The yin/yang concept is one system of viewing the universal energies. Yin corresponds to receptive energy and yang to projective energy. ČIn Chinese philosophy, the two opposing but complimentary principles determining the destiny and structure of the universe. Yin is feminine, negative and dark; Yang is masculine, positive and light.

Yule: A Wiccan festival celebrated on or about December 21st, marking the rebirth of the Sun God from the Earth Goddess. A time of joy and celebration during the miseries of winter. Yule occurs on the winter solstice. 2The Winter Solstice Sabbat, celebrated on 22 December. Its central theme is a welcome to the reborn Sun. 3Ancient festival honoring the rebirth of the Sun God. One of the eight sabbats of the Wiccan year, celebrated on or around December 21.

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