The Dictionary of Wiccan Terms


Labrys:A double-headed axe which symbolized the Goddess in ancient Crete, still used by some Wiccans for this same purpose. The labrys may be placed on or leaned against the left side of the altar.

Lammas: See Lughnasadh.

Lamps of Art: Candles used to illuminate the altar at a ritual, they may be white or colored to correspond with the sabbat being celebrated or the magickal work being done.

Law of Return:Whatever energy is sent out returns to the sender multiplied. Some traditions say that it is multiplied by three, and therefore call this principle the "Threefold Law".

Law of Three, The: A Wiccan belief that our actions, both positive and negative, will be returned to us three-fold.

Laws of Witchcraft: A list of rules for Witches, focusing on individual conduct and coven operation. They are sometimes called the "Ordains" or "Ardaynes". Several versions exist. Their origin is unclear; they may be from the Burning Times, or recent, or a patische of ancient and modern.

Left-Brain Function: The linear-logical, word-and-number-using, analyzing, basically masculine function of the left hemisphere of the brain, which controls the right side of the body; balanced by the right-brain function, the intuitive, image-forming, synthesizing, basically feminine function of the right hemisphere of the brain, which controls the left side of the body.

Left-Hand Path: Generally used to mean black-magick working, but this is really a corruption of its original Tantric meaning.

Lemuria:In esoteric thought, an ancient civilization believed to predate Atlantis.

Lesser Sabbats: See Sabbats.

Ley Lines: Subtle energy lines, straight or spiral, that connect ancient sites or prominent points in the landscape.

Libation: Pouring a little wine or other liquid on the ground during ritual as a way of thanking the Earth for her bounty.

Library: Most Witches collect books on the Craft, ancient religions, mythology, nature magick, ceremonial magick, the Qabalah, and related subjects. Be careful in your selections, as there is still a great deal of nonsense about the Craft in print.

Light Body: A subtle energy body vibrating at a very high frequency. It is the vehicle for the soul and higher consciousness.

Light Library: An energetic repository of healing and knowledge.

Litha, Lithas: An alternate name for Summer Solstice, June 21st. 2The Summer Solstice, A Wiccan religious festival and a traditional time for magick. Also known as Midsummer. 3Germanic name for the celebration of Midsummer. One of the eight sabbats of the Wiccan year, celebrated on or around June 21.

Luck, Good: An individual's ability to make timely correct decisions, to perform correct actions and to place herself or himself in positive situations. 'Bad Luck' stems from ignorance and an unwillingness to accept self-responsibility.

Lughnasadh: A Wiccan festival celebrated on August 1st , also known as August Eve, Lammas, Feast of Bread. Lughnasadh marks the first harvest, when the fruits of the Earth are cut and stored for the dark winter months, and when the God also mysteriously weakens as the days grow shorter. 2The August-Eve Great Sabbat, normally celebrated on 31 July. Its name means 'Festival of Lugh' , the Celtic God of Light. It is also sometimes called Lammas after its Christian equivalent, and it is associated with the harvest. Lúnasa is the Irish Gaelic name for the month of August, and Lunasda the Scottish Gaelic name for Lammas, 1 August. The Manx for Lammas Day is Laa Luanys or Laa Lunys. 3Ancient Irish fire festival honoring the god Lugh. One of the eight sabbats of the Wiccan year, celebrated on August 1.

Lunar Cycle: The roughly 29-day cycle during which the visible phase of the moon waxes from dark to full and wanes from full to dark again. Much magick is geared to the energies present at certain phases.

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