Magickal Powders
Angel Powder

Silver or blue candle.  Blue talc.  Lavender (peace and purification); sandalwood (protection and spirituality; angelica (protection and visions); orange peel (love); frankincense (protection and spirituality).  Holy water of spring water for spraying.

This powder brings forth the essence of the angels, protects from evil spirits and overcomes curses.  Sprinkle about the altar, the threshold of any portal, door, or window.  Burn in a thurible for general good luck and waft about the room with a feather.  Load into a candle for invoking love and spiritual aid.  Use the powder with a pink candle to attract friendship.  Use in conjunction with a silver candle for angel messages. 


Anger Powder

Brown candle.  Black talc.  Chili powder (protection and exorcism); black pepper (protection and exorcism); sulfur (exorcism); asafoetida (protection and exorcism).

Sprinkle around room to overcome feelings of irritation and anger.  Helps to avert future fights and will cleanse the mind of all evil thoughts.  If you are uncomfortable about using sulfur, then substitute basil.  Ths powder helps clear the head when you are experiencing negative emotions,  You can substitute angelica for asafoetida (as this herb smells horribly).  I don't suggest burning this mixture in a thurible if you are using sulfur or asafoetida - both will smell awful for quite some time.  The same for loading into a candle.  Should you wish to load that candle, choose the basil and angelica for the mixture. 


Atlantic City Powder

Red candle.  Red or green talc.  Patchouli (money); Lemon peel (longevity); jasmine (money).

Use to banish a streak of even the worst luck.  Sprinkle on your chair before you sit down to play games of chance.  Added to an oil base, the mixture is very good for anointing talismans, seals, conjuring bags, playing cards, and so on. 


Banishing Incense or Powder

Black candle.  Black talc.  Bay leaves (protection and strength); cinnamon (power); red wine (strength); rose petals (protection); myrrh (protection); mint (protection); salt (protection)

Allow mixture to fully dry before use.  Sprinkle to eliminate all bad spirit forces.  Should be burned in a thurible at your shrine or altar durning magickal applications or during circle.  Also used for uncrossing.


Beneficial Dream Incense and Powder

Blue or purple candle.  Blue or purple talc.  Bergamot (overall success); lemon (purification); frankincense (spirituality); orris (divination); thyme (psychic dreams).

Burn to make all dreams come true, especially those helpful to the dreamer.  Also helps in clairvoyance.  Rub powder on the forehead and sprinkle under the bed for ultimate effectiveness. 


Blended Trust Powder

Orange candle.  Orange talc.  Powdered nutmeg (fidelity); orris (love); rose (love); patchouli (lust); basil (to put in sympathy).

A special blend used only to create an atmosphere of trust and understanding.