Magickal Powders
Ladie's Enchantment

Purple candle.  Purple talc.  Vanilla (love and mental agility); rose (love); jasmine (money); piece of coral; gold glitter.

A favorite among ladies to increase and insure financial gain. 


Legal Assistance Powder

Black candle.  Black talc.  Hi-John (protection); Lo-John (protection); clove (protection); sage (protection and wisdom); rosemary (protection); pipe tobacco (purification).

Very powerful in spellworking to burn in a thurible along with a black candle and salt.  Sprinkle in your shoes before a court appearance.  Use only to win court cases and to overcome legal entanglements.


Magnetism Powder

Blue candle.  Blue talc.  Sixteen parts wood base; 8 parts frandincense (protection); 4 parts sandalwood (wishes); 2 parts myrrh (healing); 4 parts cinnamon (power and success); 2 parts orris root (love).

 Highly magnetic blend used to draw good spirits.  Attracts love, power, luck, love and money.  Use before an important contract signing, interview, when buying a car, et cetera.  Excellent for loading into success spell candles.


Meditation Powder

Purple candle.  Purple talc.  Lavender (peace); cinnamon (spirituality).

Aids in developing concentration and creativity.  Always use when preparing to meditate.  Burn in thurible in the room before you meditate.  Sprinkle in your meditation chair.


Money/Success Powder

White candle.  Silver talc.  Patchouli (money and fertility); cinnamon (success); vervain (money).

A good loading powder said to magnetize the candle.  Added to an oil, use mixture to bless candles before a ceremony.  Added to holy water and alcohol, use the mixture to wipe down an altar room.  Sprinkle in your wallet.