Magickal Powders
Pow-Wow Gretchyn

Orange candle.  Rose; gardenia; large open safety pin; smaller safety pins; glass beads (optional).

Another popular blend.  Added to a base oil, wonderful mixture to bring luck and good fortune to believers.  Sprinkle powder liberally when feeling depressed.  Mix safety pins and beads in powder,  String small safety pins and beads on the large safety pin.  Wear on you left shoulder to deflect harmful energies.


Protective Wall Powder

Red candle.  Black talc.  Dragon's blood (protection); frankincense (protection); Myrrh (protection); salt (protection).

Helps to protect the user against any magickal attack or unexpected rebound.  Restrains anyone from placing an evil curse on you.  Sprinkle round a room to help ward off curses.  Place by all windows and doors. Load in candles to use in protection spells.  Load in a white candle and place outside your house to keep people off your property.


Psychic Awareness Powder

White candle.  Silver or purple talc.  Honeysuckle (psychic power); rose (psychic power); geranium (protection).

Helps to increase your natural clairvoyance.  Some say that the use of this powder helps to open communication between yourself and Spirit, allowing positive vibrations to work with you.  Sprinkle under your bed, put in a sachet under your pillow, or burn in thurible in your bedroom before you go to sleep or before you employ a divination tool.  Sprinkle in the box or bag where you keep your divination stools.  Place on your chair befoer reading for clients.


Psychic Dream Powder

White candle.  Light blue talc.  Musk (power); orris (divination); ambergris (psychic power); peppermint (psychic power); lavender (sleep).

Increases psychic powers and helps you to recall dreams in their entirety.  Works well in a loaded candle.  Also, a pleasant side line: Exposes deceitful people who are working against you.


Return to Sender Powder

Yellow candle.  Yellow talc.  Rose (protection); frankincense (protection); vetivert (curse-breaking); honeysuckle (protection); angelica (curse-breaking); thistle (curse-breaking).

Used to break hexes or to order evil spirits to return to their sender.  Load into candles when performing magick to catch criminals, to stop abuse, or to return negative energies sent to you.