Magickal Powders
Sacred Ashes

White candle.  Silver talc.  White parchment paper; cinnamon; sandalwood; African Violet (all for spirituality).

Burn the white parchment paper in a bowl.. Crush the ashes.  Add the herbs.  Mix well.  Store in an airtight container.  Use to anoint before a funeral, at Samhain, or on Ash Wednesday.


Stalker Powder

Black candle (with arrowhead on it).  Black talc.  Asafoetida (exorcism); chili powder (exorcism); nettle (to move away); mistletoe (hunting and exorcism); nightshade (exorcism); a pinch of sulfur.

Sprinkle in the path of anyone you wish to stop bothering you.  Also place on your window ledges and front doorstep.  Turns people away on contact with the air.


Sweet Marriage Powder

Yellow candle.  Yellow talc.  Canilla (love); wintergreen (healing, curse-breaking); vetivert (love, anti-theft, curse-breaking); narcissus (love); myrtle (love); basil (in sympathy); white sugar (harmony).

Brings harmony to a stormy marriage.  Sprinkle under the bed or in any room where arguments take place often.  Burn in a thurible in the bedroom at night when retiring.  Gives peace of mind.  Add to an oil to anoint white candles.


Sweet Spirit Powder

White candle.  Purple ralc.  Cinnamon; tonka bean; patchouli; canilla; lavender; gardenia; vetivert.

Designed to attract all good spirits to its user and assists in bringing forth psychic power.  Use both on body and on altar.  Add to incense or burn, as is, in a thurible to cleanse a room.  Mix with holy water or oil to anoint candles.  Place in a sachet and put among your ritual clothing.


Success Powder

Gold candle.  Gold talc.  Orris root (protectant of success and drawing power); frankincense (luck); vetivert (luck and money), sandalwood (wishes); gag root (career success); gold glitter.

Helps push aside those who hinder your rise upward to success.  Stops gossip and evil talk.  Load into a candle when casting a spell for a raise, better employment, or a better employment atmosphere.  Works well in money spells.