Magickal Powders
Cleansing Spirit Oil

White candle,  Sandalwood (spirituality and exorcism); musk (love); myrrh (protection and spirituality); allspice (healing).  Pimiento oil base.

Will cleanse the soul before calling on the good spirits.  Will also protect aginst hexes.  Use for dressing candles, talismans, spell boxes, et cetera. 


Commanding/Controlling/Compelling Powder

Brown candle.  Brown talc.  Allspice (healing); orris (protection and divination); patchouli (lust); cinnamon (power); Sandalwood (wishes); clove (exorcism).

Use when working with rune wights, elementals, or earth spirits.  Good for sprinkling in the path of stalkers, abusers, or general evil.  Load into black candles to keep attackers at bay.



Silver or white candle.  Silver talc.  Mastic (psychic powers and manifestation); cinnamon (power); myrrh (spirituality).

Anoint forehead with small amount to aid in solving a problem.  Clears the mind, inspires sudden insights into problems.  Sprinkle on divination tool or load into your meditation candle.



Black candle.  Black talc.  Vetivert (curse-breaking and anti-theft); lavender (protection); galangal (protection and curse-breaking).  A burnt knotted shoelace.

Confuses those who are trying to cast a spell on you.  Breaks all forms of curses.  Acts almost instantly.  Works better when curse is new, but good idea to keep some on hand for emergencies.


Courage Power

Purple candle.  Blue talc.  Blue bottle.  Vanilla (mental powers); rose (protection and psychic powers); lilac (protection); lavender (protection).

Used to give great amounts of courage to those who are fearful or timid.  With an oil base, used to anoint purple candles and wear the oil when confronting frightening or dangerous situations.


Double Fast Luck Incense, Powder, or Floorwash

Green candle.  Green talc (do not put talc in floorwash).  Patchouli (money); rose (luck); juniper berries (anti-theft).  A ground-up dollar bill.

Sprinkle at your business, or on the doorway into your home, around any home business furniture, or put in your conjuring bags for money magick.


Dove's Blood Ink

1 part dragon's blood; 2 drops cinnamon; 2 drops bay; 10 parts alcohol; 1 part gum arabic; 2 drops rose oil.

Write with this ink to bring forth wishes.


Dove's Eye Incense Ink

Red candle.  Red talc.  Red carnation petals; frankincense; canilla; cardamom; majoram.

Write with this ink to bring peace of mind and happiness.


Dove's Heart Incense Powder

Pink candle.  Pink talc.  Lavender (love and happiness); rose (love); wisteria (love); lilac (protection).

Will calm restless souls and solve all problems or the heart.  Soothes love feelings.  A good spell link for individuals who are trying to kick a habit, change mental patterns, or who are under psychiatric care.  Burn in a thurible to cleanse an area after a fight.  Load into candles when you are working for someone's mental health or for an individual who is dealing with the cycle of grief. 


Dragon's Blood Ink

1 part dragon's blood; 15 parts alcohol; 1 part arabic.

Gives extra power to any spell.


Dragon's Blood Oil

Use the same ingredients as in the Dragon's Blood Ink, except use oil instead of alcohol.  Use only for uncrossing a cursed friend.  Anoint the person, not candles.  Works best at midnight in a cemetery.


Drawing Powder

Blue candle.  Blue talc.  Jasmine (money); violet (luck and wishes); lavender (happiness).

Rub on your hands and sprinkle around the altar before calling the spirits.  Helps attract good luck and assistance in important matters.  Assist in quieting the nerves as well.