Magickal Powders
Good Business Powder

Green Candle.  Green talc.  Frankincense (exorcism and protection); tonka beans ( money and wishes).

Burn in a thurible whenever business is bad.  Said th bring luck and financial gain.  Helps business and luck.


Great Rite Powder

Blue candle.  Blue talc.  Sandalwood (wishes); sage (wishes); rose ( love); orange peel (love); jasmine(love).

Burn or scatter in room where lovers are to meet, to please the good spirits and to increase sexual awareness.  Wonderful for lovers and the Great Rite ceremony.


Health Powder

Yellow, blue, or natural candle.  Green and blue talc.  Rose (love); carnation (healing); citron (healing); gardenia (healing).

Used to anoint candles, talismans, or anything pertinent to healing rituals.


Hecate's Powder

Black candle.  Black talc.  Iron filings or tiny nails; nightshade (protection); pinch of black horsehear or black cat hair.

Protects you from all bad spells.  Sprinkle on the altar before conducting  a "Send Him A Nightmare" spell.  Also place a little on the floor.  Excellent for use against stalkers, abusers, and criminals.


Herb Powder

Green candle.  Green talc.  Basil (sympathy); oregano (protection); sage (longevity); thyme (healing); lemon (longevity).

Brings good luck in gambling and will increase the memory of anyone who burns it.  Also commonly used as health powder.  Use in poppets or hollow out a small portion of a potato, pour in the powder, place in a slip of paper witht he sick person's name, close the potato back up, and bury in the yard, saying:
As this potato rots, the disease will leave (name).


High Conquering

Red candle.  Green and red talc.  Hi-John (money, love, success, and happiness); vetivert (love, luck and curse-breaking); bergamot (money).

A very powerful means of attracting wealth, prestige, love, and health.  Use generously for desired change.  Fast action mixture.  One of the best oils or powders for good works.


Holy Oil

Candle oil base; lily oil; rose oil; pentacle in a bottle.

A special oil used only for blessing candles before magickal ceremonies.  Very attracting.


Holy Spirit Powder

White candle.  White talc.  Lily of the valley (happiness); lemon (spirituality); silver glitter.

Sprinkle on the altar, at the quarters, or during ritual.  With oil, used only for dressing candles.  Sprinkle liberally.  Attracts good spirit forces.  Brings out clairvoyant powers.


Horned Lord Powder

Red candle.  Red talc.  Cinnamon (success); red sandalwood (male spirituality and protection); chili powder (protection); bayberry (strength).

Use to dust your hands carefully for temporarily blinding all opponets.  Stops others from interfering in your personal business.  Calls the hounds of the Wild Hunt in appropriate ritual setting.


House Blessing Mixture

White candle.  Silver and green talc. Orange peel (love, luck and money); vanallia (love and mental agility); Strawberry (love and luck); basil (sympathy).

Sprinkle liberally around a room.  Changes luck and reverses unfortunate circumstances.  Good to eliminate poverty.


House Protection Powder

Red candle.  Dragon's blood (power); angelica (protection); salt; red glitter.

Sprinkle all around your home.  Mo one will be able to cast a spell on your.  Prevents hexing from ever taking place. Reverses the effect of evil things.


Job Protection Powder

Red candle.  Red talc.  Must (power); chili powder (strength); tobacco (protection); pulverized newsprint.

Sprinkle around the boss' office at work and around your won area on the job.  Forces your supervisor to leave you alone.  Stops harassment.  Also to be used in provate life to cause one to recieve kindness and consideration.


Jungle Powder

Red candle.  Red and gold talc.  Cinnamon (success); Hi-John (protection); white sandalwood (protection).

Used to avert curses.  Use sparingly.  Load in candles to banish stalkers and avert negativity.  Not for novices.