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Easy Street

Green candle.  Green and gold talc.  Allspice (protection); cinquefoil ( money); clove (money); dill (money); ginger (money).  Cut up pieces of a dollar bill.

Rub on hands, sprinkle around business and home, and place in purse or wallet to draw monetary abundance.


Easy Wrath Powder

Blue candle.  Blue talc.  Ashes;red pepper (curse-breaking); rose(luck and protection); jasmine (love); sandalwood (protection and exorcism); salt (banishing).

Toss on or near any person who is angry over something you have done to eliminate all feelings of animosity.  Also good for overcoming hatred.  Write the person's name who is angry with you on a piece of paper.  Sprinkle powder on the paper, roll into a tight cylinder, and put into a plastic bag.  Put in the freezer.


Envy and Jealousy Powder

White candle.  Blue talc.  Bayberry (divine love); vetivert (curse-breaking); sassafras (health); yarrow (courage and exorcism).

Eases feelings of jealousy when placed on the door of anyone you wish to gain confidence of.  Use sparingly.  Load in candles to bread a pattern of envy and jealousy.


Eliminate Money Stress Powder

Purple candle.  Purple talc.  Vanilla (mental powers); peppermint (purification); cinnamon (spirituality); patchouli (money).

Rub on the body to attract love and gambling luck.  Make a floorwash to sprinkle about the house to remove bad influences hindering success.


Fates Powder

Black candle.  Black and gold talc.  Black pepper (protection); dragon's blood (power); rosemary (protection); patchouli (money).

This is an uncrossing powder used to overcome the power of a strong curse.  Said to be very dependable powder that works quickly.


Fiery Passion

Red candle.  Red and gold talc. Patchouli (lust); mandrake (lust); musk (lust).

Increases your sexuality.  Sprinkle under bed or in a pocket of your clothing.


Flying Without a Broom

Orange candle.  Blue or purple talc.  Lemon peel (purification); frankincense (protection); myrrh (protection).

Sprinkle under the bed before you attempt astral travel, to aid in travel during your dream cycle, or to assist in deep meditation.


Four Thieves Vinegar

White candle.  High John (success); vetivert (breaking curses); Adam and Eve (love); Lo-John (success) or black pepper base (curse breaking); red wine vinegar (curse-breaking)

A very popular mixture that has seen many, many cycles of the seasons in folk magick.  Allegedly, this blend drives enemies from you door.


French Creole Powder

Purple candle.  Purple and silver talc.  Lilac (protection); musk (power); bay (psychic power); lime (protection).

A special powder designed to make your dreams come true.  Helps to interpret dreams prophetically.  Make into a dream sachet to put under your pillow before sleeping.


Friendship Powder #1

Red candle.  Red talc.  Myrrh (healing and spirituality); rose (love); lilac (protection).

Attracts many new friends.  Used in glamouries to help you appear appealing to others.  Very good for potential lovers.  Use in love charms or conjuring bags.  Load in candles before you go to a new school, new job, or other new encounter.


Friendship Powder #2

Red candle.  Red talc.  Footprint in dirt; patchouli leaves (fertility); cinnamon (love and success).

Increases magnetism.  Pulls others to you and facilitates friendships to develop.  Sprinkle around home, business, or in you locker at school.