5th House ~ "Lovers"

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The Fifth House is the House of Romance and Creativity. This House rules over your love life and sexual nature, new ventures, gambling, and your artistic nature. In a sense, this House is the House of the Heart for it relates to all things for which you have affection. The Natural Ruler (or corresponding zodiac sign) of the Fifth House is Leo.

Sign ~ Leo
Symbol ~ b
Dates ~ July 23 - August 22
Ruler ~ Sun
Element ~ Fire
Quality ~ Fixed
Gender ~ Masculine
Body Parts ~ Back, Heart
Key Words ~ "I Will"
Colors ~ Orange and Gold
**Tarot ~ Lovers, Sun, Queen of Wands
Archangel ~ Michael
Birthstones ~ Amber, Carnelian, Diamond, Topaz
Gems ~ Amber, Boji Stone, Carnelian, Cat's Eye, Chrysocolla, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Danburite, Emerald, Fire Agate, Garnet, Golden Beryl, Golden Quartz, Green Tourmaline, Jasper, Kunzite, Larimar, Muscovite, Onyx, Orange Calcite, Petalite, Pink Tourmaline, Pyrolusite, Red Obsidian, Rhodonite, Ruby, Tiger's Eye, Topaz, Turquoise, Yellow Spinel
Babylonian Name ~ Urgula
Meaning ~ Lion

Leo Traits:
Proud,   Dignified,   Commanding,   Generous,   Reliable,   Strong~Willed,   Confident,   Leadership,   Creative,   Sincere,   Wholehearted,   Reckless,   Power Conscious,   Conceited,   Domineering,   Outspoken,   Candid,   Ardent,   Inventive,   Fond of Children

Fifth House Traits:
Offspring,   Creative and Procreative Urges,   Recreation,   Games,   Pleasures,   Artistic Efforts,   Romantic Affairs,   Gaming,   Speculation,   Risks,   Acting,   Theatre