4th House ~ "Homes"
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The Fourth House is the house of Home and Family. It tells you about your home life and relations with your family. Your family can be interpreted broadly to include very close friends. The Natural Ruler (or corresponding zodiac sign) of the Fourth House is Cancer.

Sign ~ Cancer
Symbol ~ a
Dates ~ June 22 - July 22
Ruler ~ Moon
Element ~ Water
Quality ~ Cardinal
Gender ~ Feminine
Body Parts ~ Breast, Stomach
Key Words ~ "I Feel"
Colors ~ Green, Smoke Grey, Silver, Silvery~Blue
**Tarot ~ Moon,Empress
Archangel ~ Gabriel
Birthstone ~ Beryl, Moonstone, Sapphire
Gems ~ Adamite, Adularia, Amber, Analcime, Anhydrite, Augelite, Azeztulite, Basalt, Beryl, Bloedite, Bornite, Brookite, Brown Spinel, Butlerite, Cappelenite, Carnelian, Carnotite, Calcite, Chalcedony, Chevron Amethyst, Chrysoprase, Clinizoisite, Cuspidine, Dendritic Agate, Endlichite, Enhydro, Emerald, Erionite, Fersmannite, Fire Agate, Grossular Garnet, Goyazite, Guerinite, Halite, Ilvaite, Iridosmine, Katophorite, Laubmannite, Lead, Leaverite, Leifite, Linarite, Fire Opal, Green Adventurine, Marble, Meteorite, Moldavite, Moonstone, Mordenite, Moss Agate, Mullite, Multi-colored Topaz, Nadorite, Natrolite, Nissonite, Ocho, Opal, Orthoclase, Osmiridium, Parti Sapphire, Peacock Rock, Pearl, Phillipsite, Phlogopit, Pink Coral, Pink Tourmaline, Plume Agate, Pyrope, Quartz, Rhodonite, Roselite, Ruby, Silver, Svabite, Tabuttite, Tektite, Turritella Agate, Valencianite, Valentinite, Wadeite, Water Opal Xanthoconite, Zeolite
Babylonian Name ~ Allul
Meaning ~ Crab
Sumerian Month ~ Duuzu
Translation ~ Tortoise

Cancer Traits:
Emotional,   Instinctive,   Protective,   Sensitive,   Maternal,   Domestic,   Moody,   Sullen,   Retiring,   Versitile,   Imaginative,   Adventurous,   Receptive,   Prudent,   Conscientious,   Patriotic

Forth House Traits:
The Home and Domestic Affairs,   Recollection,   Base,   End of Life,   Private Affairs,   Old Age,   Early Home Life,   Lands,   Houses,   Estates,   Mines,   Things Stored Up,   The Hidden or Unconscious,   Social Care and Concern,   The Sea